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Multi-vendor market place

Quick Overview

The market place extension is the most robust, flexible and feature rich extension. It providers granular control on vendors. Mainly this extension gives merchants the ability to sell products via multiple dropshippers, vendors and suppliers.

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Q: May I forbid at all the self vendor registration and the access to the backoffice for them? I want to manage all in a centralized way with an Administrator account. Is it possible? Further, If I don't need to split payment, can I use other custom payment methods such as (bancasella gateway)?

Posted On: 2/28/2015 By: Andrea

A: Yes it is possible, You can disable vendor registration module. Yes, you can use any payment gateway including bancasella
Q: Is it also possible for the admin to manage the orders and shippings? For example: A customer buys 1 product from Vendor A + 1 product from Vendor B + 1 product from Vendor C (and pays one shipping cost). Is it now possible for us, the marketplace admin, to process the order and create one shipment with all products from the order (and thus with products from multiple vendors)?

Posted On: 11/21/2014 By: Hans Kelchtermans

A: The currently the extension add 3 shipping costs for your case, However, yes, It is possible to achieve this with some customization.
Q: Hello. I'm trying to test your product. It is potentially good but example files are unfortunately not very helpful. Some log ins do not work and I cannot understand why vendors can access other vendor stores when managing their catalogue products. Everything is a bit confusing. Can you provide 1 clean working example where I can access. 1) Front store to simulate an order 2) Admin back end 3) Vendor Back end Many thanks in advance. Michela

Posted On: 8/27/2014 By: Michela

A: Hi, The demo was bit old, we have updated it with latest. you can check it now. Also we will provide fresh demo installation soon within 24hrs. users are changing vendor password. you can reset the vendors passwords by logging into admin at demo Thanks
Q: HI, I want paypal adaptive along with multi vendor extension. can you provide discount for the same?

Posted On: 7/1/2014 By: Jerome Plunion

A: Ok. we are giving an offer, you can get paypal adaptive on purchase this
Q: We are using Ultimo theme - do you know if your extension will work with this?

Posted On: 6/24/2014 By: Clare

A: Yes, it does works. In general, it works on any theme which is compatible with any magento theme.



The Multivendor Marketplace Extension gives merchants the ability to sell products through multiple drop shippers, vendors, and suppliers. It allows vendors to manage their own products, and notify them automatically of their new orders. The magento store owner will have complete control over magento features. store owner should able to give provide flexible control to vendors.

For example, the store owner can allow vendors to create products but can't delete/edit them once approved by store owner. Vendor can create the products exactly like store admin in this extension. User will enable as a vendor & backend admin will approve the user as a vendor role. So user can manage the vendor catalog.

The Multivendor Marketplace Extension comes with 4 variants of extensions i.e,

1. Multivendor with store

2. Multivendor without store

3. Multivendor with theme & with store

4. Multivendor with theme & without store


In Multivendor Marketplace Extension, Vendors can create his own account on the Multivendor Marketplace website. Vendors can easily create/add and manage their own products within the MarketPlace.

Customers can visit to Multivendor Marketplace website, search and buy products and also leave reviews/ratings for Vendors every time whenever an order is placed.

Payment will be transferred to Marketplace owner and system will add the payment to the vendors credit account. Then vendors can withdraw the money from Paypaladaptive at any time.Vendors can,

1.Manage orders

2.Create shipments for orders

3.Ship products to customers.


The Multivendor Marketplace Extension provides the following Payment method only.

1. Paypaladaptive


These following product types are created by the magento marketplace extension:

1. Simple Product

2. Configurable Product

3. Grouped Product

4. Virtual Product

5. Bundle Product

6. Downloadable Product


The Multivendor Marketplace Extension allows vendors to register for an account to selling his own products on the marketplace website.

Vendor Registration sample link: http://marketplacedemo.mkreddy.com/index.php/vendorregistation
For Example,
Vendor Registration for your link: http://[Your site]/index.php/vendorregistation

Vendor Registration video link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/nYoccDt_bwM


The vendor login page is completely different from the customer login page. Vendors can use their user name to login.

Vendor Login sample link: http://marketplacedemo.mkreddy.com/index.php/vendorpanel
For Example,
Vendor Login for your link: http://[Your site]/index.php/vendorpanel


In Multivendor Marketplace Extension, you need to be assign specific roles to your user in Admin panel. The below given video link gives you how to assign specific roles to your user in Admin panel.

Role Assigning video link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/T9gO5CM2V4Q


The Multivendor Marketplace Extension allows vendors to configure their own product setup in Vendor Configuration tab.Vendor Configuration tab is available in,
Admin panel->System->Configuration->Vendor Configuration->Product setup.

Vendor Configuration video link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/jDnOSl-o-PM


If a vendor forgot his password, he can recover it simply by clicking forgot password link in vendor login page.

When you click on the forgot password link then you will get the below screen and then you simply need to enter the vendor email assigned to the account and then an email providing the new password will be sent to your email id.


From the Vendor Dashboard, vendors will have an overview about their store. The vendor will able to see the total sales, average orders, last 5 orders, last 5 search terms, most viewed products etc.


The Multivendor Marketplace Extension allows vendors to create new product is very simple. In vendor control panel, you have to navigate Catalog-->Manage Products-->Add Products

After selecting the Attribute Set and Product Type, You need to fill up the product information that screen is appear like below screen.

Vendor Product Creation video link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/njfwnEVUPYY


A vendor is able to manage their products from vendor panel. Vendors have full permissions to access to their products. Vendors products status may need to be approved by the admin.

In Manage Products, you have 3 types of actions i.e,

1. Delete

2. Change status

3. Update Attributes

By using Actions, you can delete/change status/update attributes single or multiple products in a single click by using SUBMIT button.


In Multivendor Marketplace Extension, all recently added products may need to be approved by Admin before it can be published live to the marketplace website. Admin can reject the product approval from Admin panel.


Vendors are allowed to manage only their orders.

Vendors can view order information, create shipments for each orders and add comments to order.


The Multivendor Marketplace Extension uses the Paypal Adaptive Payments API to let you create and manage parallel / chained payments, payment preapprovals and refunds. Send money peer-to-peer, split payments in both parallel and chained models, accept guest payments.

It allows parallel & chained payment methods in Paypal. It is useful when buyer make a parallel & chained type of payment for items from multiple suppliers. you can manage the suppliers, transactions & refunds and other settings.

You can add the suppliers data & you can set the adaptive payment type chained or parallel. After you set the suppliers or vendors data in backend for the product that will show in frontend. In frontend you can choose the paypal adaptive in payment methods.

You can change the payment type and set other configuration for paypal adaptive payment in Admin Panel. The configuration path is, Admin panel->System->Configuration->Sales->Payment Methods->Mg Paypal Adaptive


Flat Rate Shipping Per Product is the most useful and powerful flat rate shipping module for Magento. It allows you to specify a flat rate shipping amount for each product individually. You can add the specify rate to your product. Flat rate shipping methods are appear in the shipping methods option.

It avoids incorrect shipping payments. And also you can select the normal price or flat rate for the shipping. It allows you to specify the flat shipping rates for specific products in the product catalog on your store.

It allows you to select a default shipping rate value for certain product groups on your store. You can even set default value for products where shipping rate is not mentioned. Country specific shipping rates can be assigned to the products in the product catalog on your store.

While creating orders from Magento admin panel admin can fetch all the shipping method applied for selected item. When the shipping rate field is left blank, this product extension hides the shipping rate field at the consumer end.

From frontend checkout customer will need to select the shipping method for each vendor products.

Benefits :

1. Specify a flat shipping rates for any or all products in catalog on your store.

2.This extension is found to be compatible with bundled, configurable and other product types on your web store.

3.Products with unspecified flat rate automatically use site wide default rates, which can be set as ranges.

Flat Rate Shipping video link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/KNHr3KC4CAg


The Multivendor Marketplace Extension may have some vendors which are selling same products. Each vendor may has their own product pricing. Price Comparison addon allows customers to compare prices from different vendor.

Admins can disable the product price comparison from Admin product page.

Pricecomparison video link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/wGA9bbWials


The Multivendor Marketplace Extension uses the Customer Disputes Management addon. It is used to make your customers experience pleasant and allow them to dispute about your products.

In customer disputes management addon,

1. Customers can ask full refund by open dispute.

2. Customers can request to ship the goods back by open dispute.

3. Customers can select inbuilt Logistics tracking problems.


Import Export Multivendor Marketplace Addon Extension allows to import bulk products on a single import. This addon can also be used to updated existing price data or any other data that may need to be updated in Admin Panel (attribute properties).

This attribute properties path is, Admin Panel-->Catalog-->Attributes-->Manage Attribute

In import export multivendor addon,

1. Vendor can import any product type (simple/configurable/grouped/bundle/downloadable/virtual).

2. Vendor can import custom options for any product type (file/dropdown/checkbox/text field/textarea etc).

3. Vendor can import product tags for products.

4. Vendor can import all related attribute data for products.

5. Vendor can import attribute option values automatically at time of import if they do NOT exist.

6. Vendor can import images by HTTP URL or by local path from web server.

7. Vendor can import image labels.

8. Vendor can import/export in CSV (all formats comma-delimited/tab-delimited etc) as well as XML / XLS worksheet book.

Import Export Addon video link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/E-1k0g2jDjA


The Multivendor Marketplace Extension provides a free theme.


Helpdesk extension is used to create / manage departments (Multiple departments supported). Allow customer/staff to set priority (Normal / High / Urgent). It was very easy to manage and support through emails. Efficient tracking.

Helpdesk video link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/sUi8IooMnZ8


Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a website without blog, a powerful tool which helps inform your customers about whatever you want - news, discounts, sales, new products, events, etc.

Magegaga is glad to announce the release of Blog Post, a new extra-powerful Magento extension of excellent quality. Our module is developed so that you can easily present the information to your Magento website as well as change the opinions with them.

Blogpost video link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/iu8Qh1VfJw8


Deals extension helps you create and manage deals for your site in the most professional way! You can create deal for one or multiple products and set the promotion time to be daily, weekly, or for how long as you wish.

Deals can be shown in many places such as: daily deal page, product page. As this extension allows displaying new deals in your site frequently, your customers can't help but check out your site everyday!

Deals Configuration tab is available in,
Admin panel-->System-->Configuration-->Fabulous Theme-->Deal Pro.

Deals video link: http://youtube.com/embed/HdQoQUaV8rQ


Megamenu extension which helps store-owners create a better look and professional Magento navigation Menu easily without technical knowledge. Your customers can view and access products and categories just by hovering over the menu.

Mega menu Configuration tab is available in,
Admin panel-->System-->Configuration-->Fabulous Theme-->Megamenu.

After configuration, go to Admin panel -->Catalog -->Manage categories in that add categories and give mega menu options whatever you require(Label, Title tag, color etc.,).


Vendor Flatrate Shipping addon allows vendor to setup multiple flatrate shippings. Vendor can set the title, price and vendor id for each rate. With this addon customer will be able to select shipping method by each vendor.

Admins can disable the vendor flatrate shipping from Admin panel like below screen.

Vendor Flatrate Shipping video link: http://youtube.com/embed/bVjsTFuw4k0


Comming soon.


Comming soon.


Live Demo

Front-end: http://newmarketplacedemo.mkreddy.com/index.php

Back-end: http://newmarketplacedemo.mkreddy.com/index.php/admin



Vendor Login: http://newmarketplacedemo.mkreddy.com/index.php/vendorpanel

Sample Vendor User name:vendor

Vendor Password:vendor123

New Vendors can Register at: http://newmarketplacedemo.mkreddy.com/index.php/vendorregistation/

Live Demo 1

Front-end: http://marketplacedemo.mkreddy.com/index.php

Back-end: http://marketplacedemo.mkreddy.com/index.php/admin



Vendor Login: http://www.marketplacedemo.mkreddy.com/index.php/vendorpanel

Sample Vendor User name:vendor

Vendor Password:vendor123

New Vendors can Register at: http://www.marketplacedemo.mkreddy.com/index.php/vendorregistation/

Live Demo 2

Front-end: http://multivendorwostore.mkreddy.com/index.php

Back-end: http://multivendorwostore.mkreddy.com/index.php/admin



Vendor Login: http://multivendorwostore.mkreddy.com/index.php/vendorpanel

Sample Vendor User name:vendor

Vendor Password:vendor123

New Vendors can Register at: http://multivendorwostore.mkreddy.com/index.php/vendorregistation/

Live Demo 3

Back-end: http://marketplace.mkreddy.com/index.php/admin



Vendor Login: http://marketplace.mkreddy.com/index.php/vendorpanel

Sample Vendor User name:vendor

Vendor Password:vendor123

New Vendors can Register at: http://marketplace.mkreddy.com/index.php/vendorregistation/

Visit Extension Page : http://magegaga.com/multi-vendor-market-place.html

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  1. Simply Superb - Much awaited extension review by Larpprasert on 5/28/2014

    This extension is superb in all its features gives me complete control over vendor actions via vendor resource permissions.

    Thank you magegaga......

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