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Ebay2Magento Extension allows to import products,pricing,description from "eBay" to your (new) Magento Store. The extension reads out eBay store automatically and import the products in your Magento Store. The Extension is ready to import simple and configurable products transforms them into Magento content.Imported products can be synchronized between eBay and your Magento store.

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Q: isn't possible it possible with this version? I mean money is a bit problem right now so don't think that I can afford advanced version. What other advantages does advanced version has?

Posted On: 11/9/2014 By: Abdullokh

A: Advanced version has lot features. it provides two way i.e ebay to magento and magento to ebay. If you want only price increase by %/fixed amount we can add this feature(price increase while imprting) to this extension for additional $50
Q: Thank you for your quick respond. I have following questions as well: 1. As I said I am a dropshipper I manily sell clothes for women and most of them come with different color and size. Can thisextantion import configurable products with both color and size? 2. I have cheked the demo version and was amazed how quickly it can import lots up products. but the problem is when it imports it will iport products with the price in ebay. Let's say I want to sell products for a bit expensive price can I update all imported products price by certain %? 3. Finally, let's say I have imported thousends of products and they apeared in my store, Let's imagen someone purchased one of the products from my store and now I need to order that thing from ebay for him/her but how can I find that exact produc which I imported from ebay I mean there are millions of product on ebay and that bould be fairly difficult to find what I have imported. is there any way?

Posted On: 11/8/2014 By: Abdullokh

A: 1. Yes, in setting you should select import configurable product option 2. For this you should definitely go for advanced version with import features at http://magegaga.com/advanced-ebay-integration.html The advanced version provides regular sync up for item prices from ebay to magento and you set price margin %/fixed profit on top of ebay price.
Q: Hi there. I''m a dropshipper but I don't sell on ebay. Can I import products of other sellers on ebay? if yes how would it work? will this extention import products with description photos price and etc?

Posted On: 11/8/2014 By: Abdullokh

A: Yes, it works for any ebay store. you can import any ebay store products. Yes it will be description images. There is an option to import description images in settings. You can check the demo. you can import any ebay products. You can try the demo at http://ebay2magento.mkreddy.com/index.php
Q: Hey Guys, I want to buy 2 site installation, but I'm a bit worried about the Compatibility with M2E Pro. Now I have M2E Pro configured for my new items for eBay, but the question is, will the items be displayed once I import them using this extension? Will I see those items in M2E Pro listings? Because my main goal is to import the items and then update all the descriptions from M2E Pro condiguration without having to remove items from eBay. Thanks,

Posted On: 10/10/2014 By: Artur

A: Yes, it is compatible. you can use imported ebay items for listing via M2E.
Q: We need the ability to time-stamp ebay items as they are synchronized with Magento. Is this possible? We seek to create a notification system in our mobile app and need a way to pull this time-stamped information so that we can send out mobile notifications. Please assist. We are ok with hiring your team for customization if needed. thanks

Posted On: 10/7/2014 By: Garrett

A: synchronization feature is available with advanced version http://magegaga.com/advanced-ebay-integration.html. Yes we can do the customization for you on timestamp. For more details please send the details to support@magegaga.com


    Ebay2Magento Extension allows to import products,pricing,description from "eBay" to your (new) Magento Store. The extension reads out eBay store automatically and import the products in your Magento Store. The Extension is ready to import simple products transforms them into Magento content.Imported products can be synchronized between eBay and your Magento store.

Silent Features :

  • Import Products from ebay store.

  • Update Product Price regularly from ebay.

  • Update Status of the product regularly from ebay.

  • Update Quantity of the product regularly from ebay.

  • Allows Mass updates for imported products.

  • Gallery images can be imported.

  • Variation images can be imported.

  • Products can be imported from any ebay store.

  • Supports Product Mapping.

  • Supports Category Mapping.

New Features :

  • Supports Importing of products from eBay even if a customer doesn't have an eBay store.

 According to ebay api,Products can be retrieved using pagination so we can retrieve only 10k products but Ebay2Magento extension works intelligently to retrieve all products ,It makes multiple search queries until all products are retrieved.So, we can retrieve as many products as possible there is no such limit.


Installation : Installation Guide

Creating Ebay Api Account : Creating Ebay Api Account

ReadMe: User Guide

ReadMe2: Ebay Import Category Wise User Guide

Live Demo

Front-end: http://ebay2magento.templategaga.com/index.php
Back-end: http://ebay2magento.templategaga.com/index.php/admin



Live Demo-2




Demo Video

Importing configurable products & manage attributes.

Importing Products From eBay - without store(Includes product mapping and category mapping)

Importing Products From eBay-Seller Category wise import

PART-1 [Importing Products From eBay]

PART-2 [Updating Product Details From eBay]

PART-3 [Importing Multiple Options from eBay]

PART-4 [Importing Variation Images from eBay]

M2Epro Automapping

M2Epro Product Revise

Product Tags

Use spaces to separate tags. Use single quotes (') for phrases.

  1. Thank you so much review by Abdullokh on 12/24/2014

    The extension is great and really worth the value. I loved the support the team provided. They do a lot for less)) I'm sure this is a must have tool for everyone who wants to integrate their magento store with ebay.

    Thank you Magegaga

  2. Fantastic Support review by Vartan on 12/14/2013

    Not only was finding an extension like this almost impossible, but our main concern was the support we would receive down the line in case we had a problem with our site. As soon as I requested help from their support staff, they were on it! Fantastic support, great response times, and they really looked after me before I even bought. Thanks Magegaga! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Excellent Extension review by samershing937 on 12/3/2013

    Very good extension. It imported all my products from ebay to my magento store without any issues. Easy to understand.

  4. Excellent extension review by reyansh on 12/1/2013

    Working perfectly......too good extension to import products from ebay to magento store.

  5. Very much satisfied with this extension!.. review by Abishai on 11/12/2013

    Useful extension.Great job done by Magegaga developers team.I have not seen such an extension ever before with this features.
    this extension imports all the products regardless of sellers.It can also import ebay store details,Item location,configurable items,gallery images,variation images.It supports compatibility listing.
    Thanks a lot for giving us such a great extension.

  6. Recommended extension for all,who wants to import configurable items from Ebay. review by Angela on 11/6/2013

    Wanted to express gratitude for this incredible extension and thank the staff and developers of E2M for the amazing work they have done.
    This extension reduced my workload for importing products from ebay to my magento store and keeps my products upto-date!.
    They also povide superb service and communication at all times.

  7. cool extension review by jerome.plunian on 10/30/2013

    cool extension i was able to upload all my ebay store items into magento.


  8. Excellent Job.. Great Work! review by JayJohn on 10/10/2013

    Excellent extension! It works like a charm!
    Reliable and fast support. Thanks a lot!

  9. Best Extension review by jacky on 10/4/2013

    This extension is tricky to use and I've had quite a few issues. BUT! The support is fantastic and they have always helped me fix the issue. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to import simple and configurable items from Magento and eBay.

  10. Good extension review by henry on 10/2/2013

    This is the extension what i was searching for,It has an option of importing configurable items from ebay to my magento store.

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