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Advanced eBay Integration (Ebay Listing Manager)

Quick Overview

Advanced Ebay Integration [Listing] module allows the listing of products from magento store to ebay store. It support listing of any types of products.
The module supports many latest features like Lisiting Rules, Bundle items, Repricing, Synchronization, Lisitng Enchancement, Mapping,Description Template.


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Q: Our customer has a unique inventory, 3 physical stores, the Magento e-commerce as well as 5 ebay international stores . We are using m2e pro in order to export +10k products on ebay with a movement of about 2K products per week. It happens often that the products "out of stock" are not removed from ebay or are removed after several days thus causing the sell of "gost" products on e-bay. Just to have an idea, every day we have 500-600 products dropped, I would understand if you offer warranties with respect to the operation of synchronization and timing in which updates are likely performed.

Posted On: 8/19/2014 By: Vanni

A: Hi, This this extension ends the listing item as soon as product becomes out of stock at magento store. It does at various levels(when product is updated, when order completes it checks product stock and updates ebay and via auto synchronization using cron job to ensure the items get ended at ebay So it ensures the items get ended immediately.
Q: HI , I have a very big ebay store around 300k items, I want to ask the following: 1. What is the difference between this version and the 199 version? 2.Does it import ,Sells information and messages, 3. Does it import the custom label fields 4. Can I use this data to publish it to other marketplaces? Thanks Jonathan

Posted On: 7/15/2014 By: Joni

A: Hi 1. Advanced integration facilates to list items(sell items) on ebay from magento. You can list, relist, revise, automatic update of stock 2. Yes, it includes import as well, you need to select "import features" during checkout 3. Yes, it imports custom labels too. 4. currently it does it ebay, it is open source so you can add functionality to post it other market places as well.
Q: Hi, what about eBay API Call Limits? https://go.developer.ebay.com/developers/ebay/ebay-api-call-limits I have over 30k Products on ebay store. Can I Import all Products in Magento?

Posted On: 6/24/2014 By: Alex

A: According to ebay api,Products can be retrieved using pagination so we can retrieve only 10k products but Ebay2Magento extension works intelligently to retrieve all products, It makes multiple search queries until all products are retrieved.So, we can retrieve as many products as possible there is no such limit.
Q: Hi, I have an existing ebay listings i don't want to create new listings but rather i want to import existing listing via mapping(it should not create new products) just need to map to my existing magento products and synchronize items price, stock and status. Is this your extension supports?

Posted On: 6/18/2014 By: toplines.co.uk

A: Yes, it indeed supports this. you need not create new listings on ebay.. you can just import the existing listing of ebay into magento and then sync them.
Q: images are distorted when listed using M2ePro. Is your extension has such problem?

Posted On: 6/17/2014 By: David Miller

A: No. we extension supports resizing images before listing on ebay so the problem will not appear


Advanced Ebay Integration Extension allows listing of products between ebay and your magento store .Imported products can be synchronized between eBay and your Magento store.

Silent Features :

  • Supports listing of products of all types

  • Supports bundle items

  • Supports listing rules

  • Supports shipping services

  • Provided with 10 description templates for free

  • Supports repricing of product price

  • Supports Synchronization

  • Supports Listing Enhancements with help of recommendation messages

  • Supports Product Mapping.

  • Supports Order Import.

  • Supports Order Synchronization.

Import Features :

  • Import Products from ebay store.

  • Update Product Price regularly between ebay and magento.

  • Update Status of the product regularly between ebay and magento.

  • Update Quantity of the product regularly between ebay and magento.

  • Supports Product listing between ebay and magento.

  • Allows Mass updates for imported products.

  • Gallery images can be imported.

  • Variation images can be imported.

  • Products can be imported from any ebay store.

  • Supports Category Mapping.


Installation : Installation Guide

Creating Ebay Api Account : Creating Ebay Api Account

ReadMe : User Guide

ReadMe2 : Ebay Listing User Guide

Live Demo

Back-end: (Latest Demo) http://ebaylisting.templategaga.com/index.php/admin



Back-end: http://mkreddy.com/ebaylisting/admin



Ebay Listing Manager



All Listing Types

Supports listing any type of product to your ebay store from magento store.Type of products: Fixed price products, Auction products,bargain products, and magento product type like :Variable products, configurable product.

Bundle Items

Supports the listed products to re-group again and list them as a bundle products by applying set of conditions based on your criteria.
In simple way, it allows the seller to apply discount on grouped products and buyers get benefited accordingly.

Listing Rules

Supports flexible listing rules based on pricing, description,payment and return rules.Enables sellers to set rules as per their criteria.

  • Pricing Rules: Supports different tax percentages for different listing type and seller can enables/disable/set them as per their criteria.
  • Description Rules:Support setting description information, image information, title information, attribute based on seller criteria.
  • Payment Rules:Support different list of payment methods, from where seller can select payment method based on his business requirements.
    Note: If you select the payment method as PayPal, you must need to provide PayPal email address.
  • Return Rules: Support setting return polices for set of products at the time of listing the product.

Shipping Services

Support services for all the types that ebay support for each country and you wish to ship.

Description Template

Supports adding different product attributes,content,images,description whenever the seller want to. Supports inserting image with original value or custom value.


Supports repricing of product price based on your competitor product price. Seller can define the minimum and maximum repricing limit for each product, which automatically increase the sale of the products.

Based on your competitor product price,repricing can be done on fixed base or percentage base.
As per the cron job set , the price of the products effect periodically.


Supports syncing of listed products periodically as cron job set based on list, revise, relist, stop, schedule rules. Even if Unlisted product meets the criteria of the above mention set of rules then the product get listed when the cron job runs periodically.

  • List Rules: Supports enable/disable/set list rules as per customer requirement.
  • Revise Rules: Supports list of revise conditions for a product,when cron job run periodically, it get revise.
  • Relist Rules: Supports enable/disable/set relist rules as per customer requirement.
  • Stop Rules: Supports enable/disable/set stop rules as per customer requirement.
  • Schedule Rules: Supports enable/disable/set schedule rules as per customer requirement.

  • https://youtu.be/d1ZZ5giFNWE

Listing Enhancements

Supports enhancing set of list like Material, Brand, Type, To Fit, shipsWithinDays and help you with recommendation messages to implement and helps to increase the sales of the product.



Supports mapping of item to ebay item id and can apply set of conditions

Import Orders

Supports order import from eBay to magento store

Order Sychronization

Supports Order Sychronization i.e. as soon as the order is placed in eBay , you can find the same order in magento store.

Ebay Listing Manager - Video List

  • Applying Ebay API Credentials to Ebay Store:

  • Adding Shipping services to Ebay Store :

  • Adding Payment Methods :

  • Applying Return Policy :

  • Order Shipping / Payment Mapping :

  • Settings :

  • Adding Ebay Store - Complete 6 steps :

  • Import Ebay Store Categories :

  • Import Ebay Site Categories :

  • Manage Ebay Listing :

  • Adding Products to listing -Part 1:

  • Adding Products to listing -Part 2:

  • Pricing Rule :

  • Description Rules :

  • Payment Rules :

  • Return Rules :

  • Order :

  • Description Template :

  • Mapping :

  • Listing Enhancements :

  • Bundle Items:

  • Repricing :

  • Synchronization rule:

  • Ebay sandbox Account creation :

  • Ebay listing Product listed :

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  1. Excellent eBay integration plugin review by Chris on 8/31/2015

    I have had this Ebay advanced integration plug in with import features for nearly a year now and have absolutely no regrets! Service rep still gives good support even close to a year later. I have paid for additional services since and will likely continue to do so. Excellent extensions and at a great value.

    This was a very good way to take my already fairly active ebay store and sync all the product to my own fully customizable website. Now to just get people to my active website... a challenging yet refreshing new challenge... facebook and craigslist integration sounds profitable

  2. Excellent review by mike on 6/10/2014

    Excellent extension to work with. I am able to customize it according to our needs. Highly recommended.

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